Posted on Thursday, 22 August

Open(Art) Eyebeam/Mozilla residency wrap up exhibition video, July 2013

Credits: Fivel Rothberg, videography & editing

(via meemooapp)

Posted on Sunday, 21 July


On-site image hacking at Open(Art), Eyebeam NYC Launch Party, made with pixelshaders.

Open(Art) is a joint initiative launched by Eyebeam and Mozilla to support creativity at the intersection of art and the open web.

The Open(Art) Exhibition runs from now until August 10th, in NYC.

About the Projects & Workshops

Meemoo brings the power of app development to everyone.
Forrest Oliphant - "I want to blur the line between developer and user and allow more people to create different kinds of media."

Pixel Shaders
Pixel Shaders harnesses the graphics processing unit (GPU) for artistic purposes.

Toby Schachman - "This is one of the key areas where the artistic community can contribute to the computer science communities."

BOMfu is a collaborative web repository for open hardware projects.
Nortd Labs (Addie Wagenknecht and Stefan Hechenberger) -" Making all of the tools better pushes up what can be built. The better the tools are, the more complex the projects."

Posted on Sunday, 21 July



Delightful results from the Open(Art) Moving <img> Storytelling Workshop - a #makerparty for teens using Meemoo to explore animation through app hacking.

Find out more about the workshop:

Find other makerparties near you:

Should add this link, with all of the workshops documented and GIFs sorted:


Made with Matthias’ PizzaSkin Meemoo app. Here’s the howto.

Posted on Monday, 1 July


Made with MatthiasPizzaSkin Meemoo app. Here’s the howto.

Posted on Sunday, 23 June


Preparing for Eyebeam exhibition. Refractor on a big touchscreen, manipulating live video feed.

Posted on Tuesday, 18 June


Playing with full screen ending for Sampling chapter.

Posted on Tuesday, 18 June


Making progress on Sampling chapter…

Posted on Monday, 17 June


Meemoo hackable paint brushes… putting one paint module to another.



Posted on Tuesday, 28 May


projection mapping module for Meemoo html5



Pixel Shaders Journal: Pixel Shader Examples Breakthrough! I’ve been blocked for a while on...

Posted on Friday, 17 May


Pixel Shader Examples

Breakthrough! I’ve been blocked for a while on this project.

The first block was that I couldn’t find an appropriate follow up to the first chapter. I wrote a chapter 2 but it didn’t user-test as well as the first. There’s a hump in understanding how to use the…